the Poison dart frog clan

The PDFC is a collection of 4444 unique NFTs. The PDFC is a dedicated clan of frogs who are tired of looking at our planets nature being destroyed by ignorant humans. We are deadly(serious) on the Ethereum blockchain.

The PDFC will work rigorously to ensure that action is taken to preserve our precious rainforests. Croak!

All PDFC NFT holders will be eligible for Metaverse land raffles and NFT airdrops. The first 1000 holders will also get whitelisted for a mindblowing­čĄ» new project dropping in January 2023.

We will donate an increasing percentage of all profits to the RAINFOREST FOUNDATION who have raised the equivalent of more than $1,100,000 in cryptocurrency for rainforest protection. All transactions will be documented on this website and other channels.